Monday, October 18, 2010

Short and Sweet

Today was actually quite a wonderful day. I personally was bouncing around in just a fantastic mood. I am a graphic design major, so I decided to go early to the Mac Lab to work on some projects. I was in there from 1:30-5. I was really trying to make my projects good. I wanted my teacher to be proud. I went back to my classroom at the end of the schedule class time, since I was in the Mac Lab doing the project, to see what my teacher thought. To put it simply.... he didn't like it. And you could tell. I wanted to cry in the moment. I ran outside and,  though I am a college student, I called home to talk to my mommy. My little 12 year old brother answered. He told me my mom wasn't home. I was upset, I wanted to talk to her so bad. Just wanted to have a mommy hug. Right before I hung up so I could call my mom's cell, my brother said: "Have a GREAT day."

He didn't realize what he did there for me. He didn't realize that he gave me a smile, a longing for a brother hug. A longing of joy that my little brother knew when I needed that. I love that kid. He will definitely be a great man someday.

I learned from this that even if you don't know what is going on with someone, it is important to pay a little attention and let them know you care. Give them well wishes. Help them feel loved, like I've said earlier. Just saw something short and sweet to make their day.

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  1. And if someone doesn't like the piece, it is their loss, not yours. Art is subjective and he also didn't know the story behind it. He also doesn't realize that he crushed you by not giving constructive criticism. Good teachers will do that. They see what they have going and can stretch and help the student who truly needs a critical eye and help uncriticalizing the eye. You are amazing and what you are doing is amazing.