Sunday, October 24, 2010

Quit Complaining

I haven't written for the last two days. Whoops! Just been stressed and busy with different things. But I was trying to think of things to write, and as always happen to people who try to remember things... they were forgotten. There was one thing, blessed be it, that I didn't forget.

Today I was sitting with some people in the Cafeteria at lunch, and we were just talking. I must've been thinking about something important, or not important at all, but I got pulled out of thought quite abruptly when I heard someone say "SERVICE." My friends would probably just roll their eyes at me for saying that that of all things brought me out of my reverie. One of the girls who lives in another hall of my dorm had been saying that when she started complaining too much her friend would tell her to either make a meal for her or go serve someone.

I found that a rather interesting that she would serve when she started complaining (considering the "make a meal" was a bit of a joke). I think it is important for us to remember others instead of moping in our own grief. Don't get me wrong, we're allowed to be sad! We all have hard times. We all need times to cry, times to vent. But there is a difference from trying to get over something, trying to get it out of our system, and just plain wallowing in our own grief. We need to take charge over our lives and serve others. When we are actually just being the wallowers, we need to remember others and help them. It really helps you be the person you want to be. Even if you don't see yourself as a person who can do everything in the world, I think you are. I don't even know everyone... but I do believe it.

If we were to all just stop wallowing and begin to love and help others who need it deeply, we might just be able to make that happiness a method. A method to life.

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  1. So remember last night how I really needed you? Well, that helped a ton. But, this post really made me think about the whole situation and I just wanted to thank you for writing such uplifting posts. I love you my girl