Thursday, October 14, 2010

Make it a Method

I decided one thing- or rather- I decided to finally embrace one truth: Everything everyone does is only because they want to be happy. There are things in life that we all want, things we think we need every day. There are things that bring us happiness, bring us long-lasting happiness, and things that are just plain short-lived until you do it again and again. I think it is the little things that make us happy, little things each and every day that are simple. This is my idea, my method, to life.

This blog is just my way of showing off the "good" I see each day, things that make me happy, and things that I see make others happy. I just want people, if anyone ever chooses to read this blog, to see that there is hope in the future even when life seems so hard. That's all I want, is for those of you looking into this digital world to find happiness in each day. 

Today was an interesting day, it wasn't what I would call wonderful, fantastic, or even great. It was just an average day like any other. I am a college student, living in a old dorm. My floor is very close knit in some ways, but many of us still don't know each other that well, and it's already been almost 2 months since we've moved in. So I grabbed a post-it note pad and started writing notes to stick on the doors of some of the girls on the opposite end of the hall. Let me tell you, I did not know why I did it... But I did, and it just made me happy to think that I might be the carrier of a simple ray of happiness to someone who might need it. I'm not trying to boast in myself in any way, believe me. I just wanted to express the joy it brought to me when I was trying to bring joy to others. Even in simple ways.

Well, that is all for my first post. We'll see if this blog ever does anything. I hope so. Oh, how I want everyone to find some happiness out there.


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