Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just to be Nice

I always love hearing about the good e xperiences my friends have with complete strangers. It sometimes can be totally hysterical, others somber (yes, I did just use the word somber). Tonight, though, my friends told me about something I found rather heartwarming.

Today me and two friends went out of town to do some shopping, we were hoping two of my other new friends would catch up with us later. They never did. I made sure they were alright, but none of us knew what exactly happened. Apparently my two friends were on their way back to our dorm from a nearby city when the gas light came on in their car. And it wasn't just almost empty, the gauge said it was empty. They were a little freaked out, considering they were practically in the middle of nowhere. They found a gas station, but get this- it had no more gas. What kind of gas station runs out of gas? Apparently this one does. They were a little frantic, and by mere circumstance they found someone who had a can of gas in the back of their truck. My two friends were about to pay this lady for the gas they used when the lady refused the money. Not only did she refuse the money, but she ran away from them, or so the story is told. She let them have quite a bit of gas for free.

It seems like a simple story, but really, it means a lot to me. To think that someone genuinely did something out of the kindness of their hearts was beautiful. What would the world be like if we all just did something simple like that every day? Like I've said before, smile, write notes.... maybe even help someone who can't get back to their home. I think it's important to just look for those opportunities. I have found that it really does make a difference when you do something nice each day. It brings a smile, especially when you are having a hard time.

I hope whoever reads this takes this to thought.. Maybe we should pass on the kindness and do something simple each day, what do you say?

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