Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kind Souls

It is Thansksgiving Break. And let me tell you, I am very very much grateful right now. I can barely believe the kindness that has been shown to me. Especially last night. Wait, that makes it sound like there's a story.... Oh yeah, there is!

Yesterday me and my friend were planning on driving home, for Thanksgiving break, at noon. There was supposed to be a humongous storm coming in that night, and we wanted to leave early. We only live three hours away from home, so we figured it wouldn't be too long to get home. Oh, our luck said otherwise. A half an hour on the road our right front tire blew up- literally. It was loud, and it was scary. We pulled off the road, and started fixing it. Being typical girls, I guess, we weren't fantastic at this sort of thing. Someone pulled over for us! We were so so grateful It was past one by the time we got on the road again. We figured that we needed to stop in the nearest city to get a new tire. Little did we expect our other front tire to blow five minutes later. It was then that we panicked. We didn't have another spare tire, we were still like two and a half hours away from home. My friend called her dad and was talking to him when another person stopped for us. We tried his spare tire, but it didn't fit. So we abandoned our car and headed to the nearest city with a few of our things to wait for her dad to come down and get us. The kind man took us to a Gas Station/Dairy Queen. My friend and I were at that DQ from 2-8pm. Her dad was having a hard time finding rims, but he did and got down to us as soon as he could. We found the car after a while- it was pitch dark- and got it fixed. I rode with her dad, while my friend rode with her brother driving her car. Now remember that storm I talked about? It hit. And we didn't expect it to be as bad it was. In short- close to zero visibility, fishtailing, skidding, and 20mph on the freeway. I didn't get home until 3am.

Now, why do I tell this story? Not for anyone to sympathize, really. I tell it because I am so deeply grateful for the four men who stopped to help us. They were God Sent. We wouldn't have made it home if it wasn't for their kindness and concern for others. Granted, two of them were family members, of course they are concerned. But the two strangers? It means so much to do things for others. And gratitude for that helps so much with happiness.

If we all try to be a little more grateful in our lives, not just around Thanksgiving, I know making happiness a method will not be quite as hard. We will notice the happier things, and forgo the things that do not bring us happiness. Think about it.

Be grateful for the ones in your life, and the experiences you go through. All I ask.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Didn't Come for the Weeds

I read this story today, it's a bit long, but it is so good:

"[My father's name was] Henry Eyering. To appreciate this story, you have to realize that it occurred when he was nearly eighty and had bone cancer. He had bone cancer so badly in his hips that he could hardly move. The pain was great. Dad... had the responsibility for the welfare farm. An assignment was given to weed a field of onions, so Dad assigned himself to go work on the farm. He never told me how hard it was, but I have met several people who were with him that day. I talked to one of them on the phone, and he said that he was weeding in the row next to Dad through much of the day. He told me the same thing that others who were there that have told me. He said that the pain was so great that Dad was pulling himself along on his stomach with his elbows. He couldn't kneel. The pain was too great for him to kneel. Everyone who has talked to me about that day has remarked how Dad smiled and laughed and talked happily with them as they worked in that field of onions.

"Now, this is the joke Dad told me on himself afterward. He said he was there at the end of the day. After all the work was finished and the onions were all weeded, someone said to him, 'Henry, good heavens!" You didn't pull those weeds, did you? Those weeds were sprayed two days ago, and they were going to die anyway.'

"Dad just roared. He thought that was the funniest thing. He thought it was a great joke on himself. He had worked through the day in the wrong weeds. They had been sprayed and would have died anyway.

"When Dad told me this story, I knew how tough it was. So I asked him, 'Dad, how could you make a joke out of that? How could you take it so pleasantly?' He said something to me that I will never forget, and I hope you won't. He said, 'Hal, I wasn't there for the weeds.'"

Now, I know that might've been a bit long winded, but I think that story has a message in it for everyone. Let me repeat: I think this story has a message in it for EVERYONE. 

While we all go through life, we all do things. Sometimes stupid, sometimes fun, happy, cool... Sometimes sad or hard. Then we'll turn around and realize that we took a unnecessary detour that didn't do anything really at all good for anybody else. It really may have seemed as "no point." But maybe we go through things that seem that way, but are really for a reason.

Let me tell you something- though we all go through things- we all can make it through we can. Complaining, and going about it with a horrible attitude helps nobody. I am trying everyday to be happier- and to remember that I didn't do things "for the weeds." We don't do things to make ourselves miserable, but we do it to find happiness. And by going about doing the right things happily- as Henry did- then we gain something. We gain something even in the pain that we feel each and every day as Henry did. 

I know that we all can do better at having the right attitude. That even though life seems to be the worst thing in the world sometimes, that even though school is hard, work is hard, relationships, living, friends, family are all hard... we can get through it, as long as we remember that we aren't here for the weeds. We are here in life to be the best we can. We are here to become stronger people.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Write it down

Short and simple: Happiness Journal.

Every day, I suggest we write down all the things that make us happy that day, and keep them in a journal. Trust me, it helps you end your day on a good note, and it helps you start the next day off on a good note too. Throughout the day, try and find things to write down at the end of the night, even if it is just one thing. My boyfriend has been making sure I do it (funny, huh?) and it really helps, trust me. I love it so much. It makes me a lot happier.

I think that is all :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Help Others

So I have been noticing this particular sign around campus. It doesn't seem like a big deal, right? For all of us new freshman at our university, we were required to read this book, and from what I have heard, not many of us plan on reading it again, or even keeping the book! Now look at how many have donated their books in this particular spot:

I live in a building where it is 99.9% freshman. Of all of those freshman in my dorm.... there are 2 people who thought it good to donate. Mind you, there will be three in a bit, because mine is going in there.

Why do I bring this up? Because I think a really big part of being happy is helping others. We have to take the initiative to be heard, to make a difference. When we show others we care, and we see the happiness on their faces, it really brings us a little bit of happiness too. 

Sometimes we are going through rough things. Really rough things. I will say this, though some would contradict: Happiness is a Choice. It is a "method for life." There are the situations where there is diagnosed depression. But other than that, we choose how we react to our situations. We choose to put our smile on, even if it is hard. We choose what we do to help us find that happiness. So why not choose to help others each and every day?? I believe it is important. Scratch that, I know it is.

I urge everyone to try their very best in trying to find simple ways to help others. To actually look for those ways to do it.  I promise you it will bring you happiness :) (like that smiley face!!)

Monday, November 15, 2010


This is a poster that I created for one of my design classes. It isn't anything too fancy, but I enjoyed looking for the picture and quotes to use. I have shown the picture in this before, but it kinda makes me happy inside. 

Love is important in everybody's life I believe. We all need something to love, we all need someone to love us. Don't hold onto something that loves you for the wrong reason's though, because that will only hurt you in the end. Sometimes it is hard to find something to hold onto, but we have to push forward. Be your best self and you will attract what you deserve in the end. Trust me. It is hard, but we can do it. Love will come, in many different forms, in each of our lives. Just make sure you make your "garden a place of delight," as you go your way. 

Love one another!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I've been thinking about flowers as of late, which is a bit ironic considering that there is now snow on the ground!   I was assigned a project to make a poster for one of my classes. As usual, I have changed my idea probably ten times. The idea that I have settled with is about flowers.

I found these two quotes:
"Some people, like flowers, give pleasure just by being." -Anon.

"Flowers are like human beings... they thrive on a little kindness."
-Fred Streeter

These quotes got me thinking. Doesn't everyone just want a little kindness shown upon them? I believe so. We all wan't to give pleasure to others. Show our friends we care for them. Why not just show it to others like we wish? Oftentimes I think people want to do it, but are afraid to. There is no reason to be afraid!

Yesterday I was very sick. Just something that happens sometimes ;) But  I was literally miserable. I really just wanted to curl up and die. I knew I would feel better the next day, but in that moment I did not want to deal with it at all. My roommate, my friends, my boyfriend, they all helped me, cared for me. They all showed me that they loved me and that they cared. They were sweet to me, and nice to be around. It meant so much to me.

I know that it really pays off to be kind to everyone you know. Sometimes you have to be cautious with what you do and say to people- but everyone deserves a little kindness. I invite anyone who reads this to try and not be rude, to not talk behind another's back, and try to love everyone even if you do not understand them or even like them all that much. It will really pay off in the end. Be kind, oh please, be kind to all.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pep Talk

Being positive in the morning- or right before going to bed really helps you have a better day. I think we should all try this. This little girl did!

Just be a little more positive. I sure will! I am even going to go talk to myself in the mirror like little Jessica... Though I probably won't stand on the counter like she did....
Smile, and Be Positive! Give yourself the pep talk you need!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


A wise man once said: "In the end, the number of prayers we say may contribute to our happiness, but the number of prayers we answer may be of greater importance."

This is so true. I believe that if we strive to find people to help, to strive to help our friends, we can find a greater happiness. Answering prayers of a plea for happiness can be just as great as anything else, if not better, in the world. It shows true friendship.

True friendship means so much to me in my life. I love it so much. Yesterday was my birthday, and it was my first birthday not living at home. It seemed so different, almost just like it was another day, but another day with a tad bit of disappointment. Don't get me wrong, having people writing on my facebook wall and sending me texts was great, but it wasn't like I was feeling it through and through. That night my boyfriend took me out to dinner. It was nice to have some fun with him and just be together. When we got back to our dorm building, none of my friends were downstairs, and I had heard noise over on campus so I figured they were out doing stuff. I felt a tad disappointed (yes I like the word tad, deal with it :D) because I really just wanted to hang with my friends. Me and my boyfriend were sitting in my room, or rather, I was looking for something under my desk and he was sitting on my bed, when my friend Cameron called me. He asked if I could come upstairs and help him with his homework. Little did I know that I was going to get pushed into "The Loft" (dorm party room) and receive a surprise birthday party! It was quite something, let me tell you.

I had only wanted to be happy on my birthday, maybe it sounds a little selfish, just wanting a little attention. But when I got that surprise, a prayer had been answered for me. I think friendship is so truly important to being happy. I don't think we should complain about not having friends, but rather get our butts of the couch and go out there and try. And if it doesn't work, try again! AND AGAIN! Everyone needs a friend, whether they admit it or not. May I ask that we all go out there and help our friends, and gain some new ones too? I think it will make all the difference in making happiness a method for life.

I truly believe it.

Monday, November 1, 2010


I went home this weekend, and while I was there I found a neat quote: "Often small acts of kindness are all that is required to lift another."

Today was not a good day at all at one point. Someone had said something rather offensive to me and I was on the verge of going and beating him up (at least in my mind I was... probably wouldn't have happened in "real life"). I was close to crying at one point during class when he had said it. Straight from class I had to run to go tutor. My eyes were stinging, and I was trying to hold myself together. I looked up, and as I was walking by this guy that I never met before looked at me intently, smiled, and said hi. Now, don't take that the wrong way, I could tell it was truly out of the goodness of his heart and not flirting. He made my day a little brighter after that.

I can "testify" to you that little things really make a difference to someone who is hurting, or having hard times. I really know it's true, because it happens a lot to me. I realize that just doing the little things really help. That is why I try and smile at everyone I pass on the street, considering I walk everywhere. Really, try to do the small and simple things. Make it a method, and find the happiness that is there. Even in those hard times you will find some type of peace close to your heart.