Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Help Others

So I have been noticing this particular sign around campus. It doesn't seem like a big deal, right? For all of us new freshman at our university, we were required to read this book, and from what I have heard, not many of us plan on reading it again, or even keeping the book! Now look at how many have donated their books in this particular spot:

I live in a building where it is 99.9% freshman. Of all of those freshman in my dorm.... there are 2 people who thought it good to donate. Mind you, there will be three in a bit, because mine is going in there.

Why do I bring this up? Because I think a really big part of being happy is helping others. We have to take the initiative to be heard, to make a difference. When we show others we care, and we see the happiness on their faces, it really brings us a little bit of happiness too. 

Sometimes we are going through rough things. Really rough things. I will say this, though some would contradict: Happiness is a Choice. It is a "method for life." There are the situations where there is diagnosed depression. But other than that, we choose how we react to our situations. We choose to put our smile on, even if it is hard. We choose what we do to help us find that happiness. So why not choose to help others each and every day?? I believe it is important. Scratch that, I know it is.

I urge everyone to try their very best in trying to find simple ways to help others. To actually look for those ways to do it.  I promise you it will bring you happiness :) (like that smiley face!!)

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