Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kind Souls

It is Thansksgiving Break. And let me tell you, I am very very much grateful right now. I can barely believe the kindness that has been shown to me. Especially last night. Wait, that makes it sound like there's a story.... Oh yeah, there is!

Yesterday me and my friend were planning on driving home, for Thanksgiving break, at noon. There was supposed to be a humongous storm coming in that night, and we wanted to leave early. We only live three hours away from home, so we figured it wouldn't be too long to get home. Oh, our luck said otherwise. A half an hour on the road our right front tire blew up- literally. It was loud, and it was scary. We pulled off the road, and started fixing it. Being typical girls, I guess, we weren't fantastic at this sort of thing. Someone pulled over for us! We were so so grateful It was past one by the time we got on the road again. We figured that we needed to stop in the nearest city to get a new tire. Little did we expect our other front tire to blow five minutes later. It was then that we panicked. We didn't have another spare tire, we were still like two and a half hours away from home. My friend called her dad and was talking to him when another person stopped for us. We tried his spare tire, but it didn't fit. So we abandoned our car and headed to the nearest city with a few of our things to wait for her dad to come down and get us. The kind man took us to a Gas Station/Dairy Queen. My friend and I were at that DQ from 2-8pm. Her dad was having a hard time finding rims, but he did and got down to us as soon as he could. We found the car after a while- it was pitch dark- and got it fixed. I rode with her dad, while my friend rode with her brother driving her car. Now remember that storm I talked about? It hit. And we didn't expect it to be as bad it was. In short- close to zero visibility, fishtailing, skidding, and 20mph on the freeway. I didn't get home until 3am.

Now, why do I tell this story? Not for anyone to sympathize, really. I tell it because I am so deeply grateful for the four men who stopped to help us. They were God Sent. We wouldn't have made it home if it wasn't for their kindness and concern for others. Granted, two of them were family members, of course they are concerned. But the two strangers? It means so much to do things for others. And gratitude for that helps so much with happiness.

If we all try to be a little more grateful in our lives, not just around Thanksgiving, I know making happiness a method will not be quite as hard. We will notice the happier things, and forgo the things that do not bring us happiness. Think about it.

Be grateful for the ones in your life, and the experiences you go through. All I ask.

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  1. I'm so glad you got home okay. I was so worried about you. Love you Gracie!
    <3 <3 <3