Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Glad Game - Pollyanna (1960)

It's been a while since I've written. So much going on, yet hardly anything at all, really. I feel so lazy. So here is what I decided to write about today.

Have any of you ever seen the movie Pollyanna? I absolutely adore it. In it a girl named Pollyanna (well, of course that's her name) plays the Glad Game:

Times are hard these days for a lot of people, but think about it. It's the Christmas Season. A season of joy and love, of giving and happiness. We have much to be glad about, even if there are those times. I have been a lazy bum in writing. I've been doing practically nothing. When you are lazy, there isn't a sense of accomplishment, and your brain goes foggy. It's hard to be completely HAPPY- notice I didn't say content- when you are doing nothing. If you are doing something, actively trying to become a better person it is easier to play the glad game day to day. And playing the game is important.

Around Christmas time we all just assume everybody is happy, everyone is glad, but sometimes it is not so. We need to learn to use the glad game to help us being the ones who are happy and bring the down ones up. I think we all should remember to be actively doing productive things, playing the glad game- and it will help people all around us to be happy. I promise :)

Love you all

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