Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happiness is Something we Are

I think I tend to forget what exactly I am blogging about, and what started it. I started this blog just under a year ago based upon one quote: "Happiness is not a destination, but a method for life." I just wanted to remind myself and others of that. That even though it is hard sometimes, we can make our lives "happy" in nature. It isn't something you are working towards, it's not a goal of destination, but a goal of how we actually live our lives.

At my work our office manager sends out a "Quote of the Day." I don't always pay attention to it, but it caught my eye today.

"Happiness is not in our circumstances but in ourselves. It is not something we see, like a rainbow, or feel like the heat of the fire. It is something we are." -John Sheerin

It is true. Our goal isn't to get to "happiness," but to become a "happy" person. There is a difference. I know it deeply. It becomes part of you as you work for it, and it feels fantastic. 

Take it from someone who is trying.
You should too.

Monday, June 20, 2011

"I See Someone Who Needs a Hug!!"

Do you see someone who needs a hug?
Run to them with open arms...Like Garfield did. 
Just make note that hugging an inanimate object won't be as effective.
Garfield kinda missed that notice.
(Though...cake is very much a good thing.)

Go out there and hug someone today who looks like they could benefit from a smile.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Sometimes you just have to realize that even when a situation that seems unfortunately bitter comes your way, you have to put a smile on. You have to make the best of it.

What use is it being angry about something if anger is just going to make it worse?

I just had one of those situations recently... and though it was hard at first, I found it easier when you put effort into making it good. Showing that you want to make an effort, changes the outcome.

Sounds like it.
Not always is.
But it's doable. 

Just make an effort, it will help you feel more satisfied. 
I know, I know.... you all probably knew this already. I just needed to write it for myself.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Passer By

The other day at work one of my coworkers/boss came up the stairs and I smiled and said "hi!" I like him, he is a cool man. I had no reason to not say hi, even if we aren't best of friends. But he turned to me and said, "You are the first to smile at me today."

It was almost sad to hear him say that.

Why would anybody want to let others just sulk by feeling like they aren't wanted around. Not even those who aren't your close friends. Not even if they annoy you or are not the type of people you hang around. Everyone deserves a smile given to them.

Don't let anybody pass you by, give them a smile.
It might just make yours bigger.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Physically Possible

Many people really do not enjoy working out.

That would be me.

But here's the deal. So many people try to go by these crazy diets, taking pills, eating random foods that sound, smell, and taste horrid, do strange things to themselves. Do they not realize that the basic way to be healthy is eat right, sleep, and exercise? I know that there are some people who really do need different treatments, but most people actually do not. And yet they are too lazy to do something as simple as walk instead of drive somewhere.

I am not trying to be rude. But... Why don't you try it?

This week I came up with the absolutely crazy notion that I wanted to become a runner. My brain is still asking "why why Why Why WHY?!" But I have decided it, and with it I have come to the decision that it is physically possible. I am not that great, I got passed up by an older gentleman today (I wasn't too embarrassed... but still). I am trying, though, and that is what matters.

Healthier people are happier people. It is important to take care of your body- a God-Given gift. Don't try to take an easy way out- it's not worth it. There are mounds of ways for you to exercise, and many of them are really fun! Why sit and be lazy, then spend a handful of money to pay for some pill that is supposed to help you be healthy when you can go have fun doing something that is good for you? I finally got that through my head.

Even though every morning I wake up in a bit of a haze, running has seemed a bit enjoyable (wow, did I just say that?!) and I have decided I want to get good at it.

Go find something useful to do!
Get healthy.
Get happy.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I find life more enjoyable when I accomplish something. Don't you? I think that when I have something to work on, something to keep me focused, I am happier. So I have started making a goal sheet for each week.

I do it in an organized sort of way, just so I have a constant thing to refer to, to see if I am making any progress with my goals. If I fail in one of them one week, then I work on it again, maybe in a simpler fashion, the next week. I have one notebook where I write them in each week, and I try to keep up with all my goals from previous weeks, or that is the plan considering I just started really doing this last week.

I just believe that if we are truly wanting to be happy- we aren't going to find it from sitting on our lazy butts each week and doing absolutely nothing. We need to get up and do something. Turn off the television- maybe look into finding a specific activity to do, or make a goal of doing something you've always wanted to do. We can do it if we believe in ourselves. I know we all can!

If you want to be happier, try making some new worthwhile goals, or start actually working at old ones. You'll find your life becoming more enjoyable.

Make it work, I know you can.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Today I made a goal of finding someone who needed help- and help them. I wanted to be able to give someone a smile, no matter how big. To help them find that happiness they needed in that moment. And what do you know?

I found someone!

I was walking back to my apartment from work a little while ago. I was just in a zone, as some people are after working all morning. On my way to and from work I pass this parking lot with these big containers where people in the community can recycle different materials. When I was walking towards it I saw this older gentleman trying to take a really big tote- well, really big for him- full of some papers he wanted to recycle. I stopped and asked if he wanted help- and smiled and said he would like that. As I dumped my last armful in the container, he just smiled and said "You're a good scout." I can honestly tell you that I smiled so big on the rest of my walk home. I am still smiling.

Why do I tell you this? Certainly, I am not trying to boast about my doing something good. Honestly. I just wanted you to see the effects it had. Not only did I get to help someone smile- it helped me have the biggest smile I could have! It felt fantastic. I loved feeling that way after helping.

Sometimes it is hard to see someone who clearly needs help. But... perhaps you aren't looking. There is a difference between looking and seeing. If you are just going about, seeing things day to day, you won't be able to find something. A lot of the time you have to actually look. And I was looking today.

If you start looking.
You'll see.
And you will feel utterly fantastic when you take hold of those things you find.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Becoming the Friend you Want

I think we all go through those times where we just can't seem to stay in one mood for too long. Those days that are just a bit crazy, or where you just are not quite that happy? Well, I can tell you I know we all go through those times. Everyone, even those who seem the happiest all the time, has those moments.

How do we get through those times?

I think friends do. Friends and Family.

Today I realized that little things matter. I was a little lonely, missing my closest friends from the school year. I was having a hard time. But what do you know? Friends were there to help. My roommate from earlier in the school year (and my future roommate too :) we don't plan on changing anything throughout school) started chatting with me and asking about things we did over the school year together. I had no clue why. Then a few minutes later she sent me a photo of us two laughing really hard, which she had put words and phrases all over it describing our year together. I can't tell you how happy it made me that she was there trying to make me happy.

Something else that happened today that made me happy was calling home specifically to talk to my little brother. I love that kid to death. I didn't realize that we'd actually have a descent conversation, but we did! It was like we were talking as if we were close friends. It meant the world to me.

Two small things.
A big difference.

We don't only need to have good friends, we have to be good friends to others. I can't say I am the perfect friend. But I am working at it. If we start acting like the friend we would like in our lives, I can tell you now that you will find those that will make the biggest difference in your life. Try in little ways to become a better friend to others. If you are the one having a hard time, remember that others have those times and need friends too. Be the person you would want in your saddest hour.

Become the friend that you want in your life.
You will find that it will make a difference.
I promise.