Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Short and Sweet

Time for another blog post! I don't have much to say- but this: Find a Smile. Smiling is one of those things that just feels grand on your face after it not being there for a while- don't you agree? Oh, what'dya know.... I just smiled, and it felt wonderful.

Today has been one of those days for me when you just don't feel well, and you would like nothing more than to just crawl into bed and do nothing. But then... you get bored. So I have just been in a "meh" mood, doing what I can with different things.

In order to get over such a mood, and to try and make myself feel a bit better regardless what my body feels physically, I am going to find one reason to smile. It's a good exercise you know. When you are down, find one thing in your day- no matter how small- that made you smile, or feel that one fleeting moment of contentment.

Today I walked under trees that were full of green, and I walked over grass that was lusciously long and soft. That made me smile. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

I love smiles. What was yours?
Find one.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blind Side

Today I was feeling rather down on myself. It’s just been a rough couple of days. Living in my very own apartment with 2 friends seemed like a dream come true a few weeks ago. Having school off for four months seems like a  great time to relax and have fun. Having a job was wonderful in this economy.

Then life hit me.

Almost all over again. I thought it was a wakeup call when I got dropped off by my father here at school for the first time last fall. Who would’ve thought living in an apartment and working all summer would be as different as it is from living in a dorm building? I certainly didn’t.

So today was just one of those days where I was a little stressed. My computer broke, and I had to pay a pretty penny to get it sent off to Dell to fix it. I had to work. I couldn’t sleep well last night.  And I came back to my apartment empty because my two roomies work opposite times than I do- we kinda miss each other most days. I flipped through television channels and saw quite a number of sad things going on in the world. I was seeing all this stuff to not be happy about in the last few days.

Then I decided to put in a “feel good movie.”  Something to help me not feel so gross inside. I chose “Blind Side.” What movie could be better? A movie about someone truly going out of their way to help someone and help another out of true compassion? Yes, I think so. I’m still watching it at the moment, but one line just jumped out at me that made me want to write about something. They were having Thanksgiving Dinner, and as Leanne Tuohy was saying grace she said something along the lines of: “And let us remember how truly fortunate we are.”

So here I go. I am going to remember how fortunate I am in spite of a bad day. Counting my blessings:
1.       I have a job in this economy.
2.       I have a room to myself, with a gorgeous view outside my window.
3.       I live on the third floor in my building- no stomping neighbors above me!
4.       My rent is super cheap for the summer, and utilities isn’t bad at all considering!
5.       The couch I am sitting on is very comfy.
6.       I have a kitchen where I can cook for myself- no cafeteria necessary for me!
7.       I have two fantastic roommates! (Love you Kassidy and Katelyn!)
8.       I have a awesome family cheering me on in life.
9.       I have a cell phone that works.
10.   I have access to a laptop from while I get my laptop fixed.
11.   My parents are helping me a bit with fixing my laptop.
12.   The sky was clear today, and the sun was so warm.
13.   I have plenty of clothes.
14.   I have food!
15.   Have access to running water.
16.   I am getting excellent exercise this summer walking to work.
17.   I live in Festival City where I get to enjoy different festivals during the summer!
18.   I have a comfy bed. (It’s comfy most nights)
19.   I have lots of people who love me.
20.   I know how to cook decently.
21.   I have a happy box to help me smile.
22.   The internet works most of the time! At least I have internet.
23.   I have a bank account.
24.   I have opportunity to go to school where so many cannot in the world.
25.   I am learning how to live on my own.
26.   I have access to air conditioning this summer.
27.   I have books I can read just for leisure.
28.   My friends from the last year in college still keep in contact and we will be able to live together next year again!
29.   My friends are nice.
30.   I get to go to Zion’s National Park this summer with my dad and hike Angel’s Landing.
31.   I bought a $50 coat for $7. I love sales.
32.   Shopping at Thrift Stores makes living as a college student easier!
33.   I wake up in the morning as healthy as ever.
34.   Even if my back or head hurt, I know it’ll soon pass.
35.   I own an umbrella. (This comes in handy with the bipolar weather here!)
36.   I have shoes.
37.   There are multiple ways to search for scholarships.
38.   If I need to I can go to the school library to print stuff off for free.
39.   Friends-to-be are just around the corner… I just have to find them. But I know they’re there.
40.   Modern Medicine is amazing.
41.   I have extra blankets. Extra Socks. Extra Underwear. (Quite a blessing J)
42.   There’s a lock on my front door.
43.   Our windows can be closed shut- close out the wind and cold at nights.
44.   Both my roommates have cars, so if I need to get somewhere too far for me to walk they help me.
45.   My roommates are very kind to put up with my silliness.
46.   I live in a warm place, but not excruciatingly hot.
47.   I have access to programs I love to use.
48.   I am not too far away from home, but far enough.
49.   I have a mirror in my room.
50.   I have a wonderful Mother in my life who deserves every courtesy and happiness in the world.
51.   My life has been a great experience… even with the bumps along the way.

I could go on… I won’t. You don’t even have to read it all, nobody does. In fact, nobody has to read this blog. I just write it to help me see things in life that help me be happier personally. This helped me. I hope that if someone were to read it… it would help them too.

I just want everyone to find a little ray of sunlight in their lives. It’s horrible that there is so much bad news. We just have to learn to learn from the bad, but emphasize the good and move on in life to better the world.
I hope you all- everyone out there in the world- can find some happiness today. If it’s hard- try to find a few things that make you a bit fortunate in life.  Write them down and read over them.

I feel better already.