Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In Every Day

I found this poster online somewhere, and I think it is absolutely true. We all have those hard days, those seemingly endless days where everything seems to be fighting against you. It's inevitable that things will not be picture perfect every day. But this is no excuse for being angry when there is something so lucidly shimmering with hope right in front of you.

Yes. We all have those days.

But look! Right there, yes you got it. There is something that you can be happy about.

As I was walking into work today I was a little bummed about this ridiculous sore throat I've been having for the last almost week. Somehow my mind switched from "Woe is Me" to... what can I be happy about? I started listing things in my head, and to my surprise I kept going and going without even thinking about it. Almost mechanically. As I went through this cycle of happy-rendering thoughts I found I had a soft smile on my face that made the whole difference to my day.

Sure, we may have it bad sometimes.

But there is always at least one thing good to remember.

Try it.
It works.
Pinky Promise.

Friday, August 19, 2011

What We Do Have

I found this today, and it kind of popped out at me. It is very true, if you think about it. We just have to remember the things we have, and we can be happier.

Some of the happiest people I know don't have much. That is because they have truly realized what is important. That they have things in their lives worth more than money can buy. Don't get me wrong, you can definitely be happy while still having substance, but I think we need to not base it off the material things. We need to not be so focused on getting something, that it takes from the importance of other things around you.

Just remember that you have things to be happy about- even when faced with the hardest experiences of you life.

I know that it is those things that make me happier.
Not always easy.
But you can be happy.