Saturday, February 5, 2011

Take Control

It just hit me how much time we devote to technology. A lot of things are wasteful in spending all your time with. Such as Facebook or Texting. I am not saying they're evil or anything, but I do think we spend too much time using them.

Over the last few weeks I have cut my texting in half. It has made a tremendous difference to me. I feel so much more free. And I find more enjoyment in the more productive things I do, such as schoolwork and hanging out with friends. I have found it so much easier to have a conversation without pulling out my phone constantly. It has been hard doing this, considering I now live a few hours away from all the people I have always been around. But you have to move on with life, and meet new people also. Don't lock yourself to technology.

Facebook has become a virus, infecting a lot of my life. I open my computer and automatically, without thinking, log onto facebook. Even when I have no reason to be on at all. It is a good tool, something to be used to connect with people, to contact family, and to share ideas in business and other connections. But to be tied to it so much that it starts to become part of your life, rather than just something to check here and then, to see what's up with your friends, it is a problem.

Personally, I deleted facebook as one of my favorites. I will still visit it a couple times a day, but I am not going to keep it up as always. It is too distracting, and it controls you.

Free yourself from technology and take control of your life. It gives you so many more options to do things with your life. Just set yourself free. Try it. Trust me, you'll be happier.

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