Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pick up the Pieces

The other morning I was walking back to my room after a class and I noticed that a name tag on one of the dorm doors had fallen off. I ran into my dorm room and didn't think much of it. I walked out to go do dishes, and I saw one of the quietest girls on our floor stop, pick it up, and carefully stuck it back to the door.

Simple, right?

That one act of kindness made me think of something that really has helped me have motivation in life. She picked up something that was seemingly pointless, but it meant a lot. It wasn't in the way of other passers by, and the person that she did it for was most likely grateful. I think that we should all remember to pick up the pieces in our lives, and show others we care by doing the right thing, even if it is ever so small. Remember that there is more to life than what you want, and that we have to show the world we care. We live in the world with everyone else, it isn't all about us. Pick up the pieces to your life, and share the simple things with others.

It means a lot more than you might think.

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