Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shrouded with the Dark Side

The title of this post seems a little dark, a little sad. Which is strange, because this blog is about happiness, right? Well, today I wanted to write about something that happened to a dear friend of mine that is the complete opposite of what should happen in day to day life. Something that we should all remember, so we can make the right choice.

The other day, my friend was at Walmart. She has Parkinson's disease, and she started having tremors. She went back to the car, and couldn't do anything. She was sitting there, with car door open for 45 minutes, having tremors. Nobody, nobody in those 45 minutes stopped to help her, even though she was obviously in need of some assistance. My friend told me she felt invisible. Like nobody cared. It's horrible.

Everyone needs help at one point, and how many times do we just pass them by?

Those who need help really don't deserve to be passed by. We are here so we can find happiness, right? That's why we do what we do each day, to find some sort of happiness. Well, why do we pass by those who can't help themselves? It's a horrible thing to realize that we do it each day. Because we do, even if we don't realize it. We are so wrapped up in ourselves that we don't see others, and don't see what we need to do to help them find happiness.

My challenge is for us to stop being so wrapped up in ourselves and look out at others. It will help you more than just thinking about what to do next with your own life. Reach out and touch another's. Don't shroud others with the dark side of life.

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