Monday, February 21, 2011

Clean Clean Clean

I was thinking earlier about one of my absolute favorite movies: Ever After. The evil step mother in this Cinderella story said the following: Cleanliness is next to godliness. I know it has been said multiple times before, and by multiple different people- but think about in the context it is said. The evil, cruel, and manipulating step mother is telling her step daughter that being clean is like being most surpreme above all. Have we considered what it means to be clean?

I think it can mean that we literally should be clean. Not many people actually enjoy cleaning. I do, but it is actually getting around to it that gets hard for me. Me and my roommate are actually cleaning for inspection in our dorm room today. It is such a nice feeling to keep our room clean, and to just feel not gross. It's like after you've been sick for a while, and just couped up in bed- then you go and take a shower. It feels tremendously great, and you seem to feel so much better about things. It's the same thing.

I think that it is also good if we keep ourselves clean from gossip and cruel words. It is something that can happen without a second thought. It happens without us actually realizing that we do it. But it does hurt others tremendously. How do we expect to be happy if we do not treat others with respect and love, how are we supposed to expect to feel that peace and cleanliness? 

I just thought it was something of note. If we try to keep clean, and to remember that it means more than just being physically clean and tidy, we might find a bit more happiness. 

I believe it, anyways.

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