Friday, July 15, 2011

More Than a Silver Lining

July has seemingly been dragging on for me. It isn't like it's been difficult, but it's been the same old routine. And even when I had time to write... I did not. Yes, I too know how to be lazy.

As this month has been dragging, so have my moods. I haven't been "sad" per say, but I have been having a bit more difficulty in being my normal tigger-like self. It seemed to be no biggie, but in reality, I was just not being myself fully. And that is what matters.

I live on the third floor of my apartment complex. A few nights ago I was lying in bed, with my blinds up, getting close to sleep. Where my bed is, the light of the full moon was right on me. It was a beautiful thing, to see the silver lining along the clouds around the moon. Gorgeous sight. A small smile graced my lips and I was content when I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up and went running, and what a magnificent morning it was. I was running right as the sun was rising. Clouds were hovering softly right where the sun was rising, and were lined with golden glory. It was such a beautiful sight. I came to realize that there is beauty all around us. So much of it, and that we hardly appreciate it for what it's worth.

There is more than just a silver lining in each of our lives, even if we are going through the most difficult of times. I firmly believe that each of us can find a golden lining in our lives, and for those where it's more difficult to get there, we have to step it up and help. Everyone deserves that happiness, that golden lining gracing their lives that will help them make it day to day.

I think we all need to find the golden lining.
We need to get others to that point too.
Can we do that?
I think so.
I will.
Will you?

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