Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Challenge

Sometimes the news is not all that great. Wars. Amber Alerts. Economy Crashes. Gossip. It can be rather depressing.

I don't like it. 

Last night I watched a video of a talk a designer gave (I like watching those considering I want to be like them). And she told of a project that she did with some people involving "GOOD NEWS." 

Once upon a time she decided to design a fake New York Times with all good news. I.E. Iraqi War Over, Economy Sky Rockets, etc. They mass produced it and handed it out to people all around New York City. It was amazing to see the reactions on the people's faces. It was heartwarming.

Thinking about it, yes. There is bad news out there. It is important people know what is going on in the world, yes? But I think it awfully depressing that so much of the media focuses on it. There is so much good to spread, so much good to share and help others to see in the world.

And so the challenge. 

On facebook I tend to see so many depressing status updates. And so to begin something more a little more optimistic I make a goal and a challenge to anyone who happens upon this. 

CHALLENGE: For the next week only post positive posts on facebook/twitter/anything! 

Sure, bad things may happen, but we must stay realistically optimistic. Let's quit the complaining. Let's quit the focus on the negative. Really people.

I'll do.
You should too.

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