Saturday, October 1, 2011


I do believe we spend our time doing too much that is not worthy of our time.

Oh please.
I have found that it is a bit ridiculous to spend hours on the computer really doing nothing at all.

Don't get me wrong, I love computers.
I'm a graphic design major, why wouldn't I?
But I think that we can use them in ways that are more profitable to ourselves. If we were to minimalize our time doing ridiculous things, and doing things that are more fun, more worth while, I think that we would be able to feel more satisfied.

Okay, I might start sounding a little bit scatterbrained, but think about it! Why do you find yourself on facebook? Why do you find yourself on myspace, twitter, or mylifeisaverage, or pinterest? Maybe because you are bored? Yes of course! All of these things have a time and place, but to waste your time doing these things, only to get off and realize that there was something more fun to do, something more fulfilling, is quite a sad thing.

I am sorry if this was a ridiculous post...
But all in all,
I am going to spend a little less time doing not-fun, not-productive, not-fulfilling ridiculous things.

(Because, there are productive, fulfilling and fun ridiculous things. I can assure you of that.)


I think I will write in here more often. Just thought I'd write down some proof of that statement.

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